21 Women Talk About The Creepiest Phone Call They’ve Ever Received


I got a message from a lady who was trying to get whoever she called to come home. She told the person that his baby had been killed in an accident, and he needed to come home to see her put to rest. She said all would be forgiven, that his family needed him no matter what he done, and gave a number for him to call. She was crying the whole time. I called back and left a message saying that I didn’t know the person she was trying to reach and was sorry for their loss.

— notlikeme


I had a guy call me who was audibly masturbating and saying lewd things right off the bat. It was really fucking weird.

— piscina_dela_muerta


I had a masturbator call my job a couple times. He called one Sunday morning and when I answered he said something about how he was “stroking his big dick” and I hung up. I told my coworkers and we had a laugh, but then I forgot about it until like 6 months later when he called again on a Sunday morning! I knew it was the same guy because he used the exact same wording as before.

My manager got the phone company to trace his number and called him back. Surprisingly the guy answered the phone, and when my manager confronted him about the calls he actually tried to use the excuse that “my friend borrowed my phone.” Yeah ok. We never heard from him again.

— justsamthings

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