21 Women Talk About The Creepiest Phone Call They’ve Ever Received


One time in college I was hanging out at my apartment with my roommate watching TV. I received a call from a service for deaf people where a live person tells me what they type. The person said we had a class together, said the class and teacher’s name, which was a class I was taking that semester, and then told me they were obsessed with me, they followed me home after class and was outside my apartment. They described what I was wearing and told me to come outside and they had a gift for me. I freaked the fuck out and closed the blinds, my roommate, who had been chilling on the couch on her computer the whole time, was freaking out too.

I hung up and started dialing 911 and my roommate burst out laughing, it was her, she was on the computer typing the responses.

— bluepurplegreenx


Phone call from an out of state number, I usually consider unknown numbers as spam or wrong numbers so I let it ring at first. This number though called about once a day for quite a while so I picked up. If it was a wrong number at least I could tell them that directly…. turns out despite not knowing them they WERE looking for me. “Ah, thank god you finally picked up. Been waiting forever to hear your voice.” Like any reasonable freaked out 20 y/o I hung up.

The guy proceeded to try and call over and over and texted “now that I know for sure this is your number, I won’t give up”.

That number got blocked so hard, so fast.

— PurpleCynomy


One morning when I was a teenager, my dad dragged me out of bed at 4 AM to listen to an answering machine message.

The call was from 2 or 3 that morning, and it was just the voices of two or three teenage girls talking about masturbation, sex toys, etc. My dad stood there and made me listen to the message, then started demanding I tell him which of my friends had been on that call.

I didn’t recognize any of the voices, and the girls on the phone had been talking about stuff in a way that none of my friends ever would. I kept trying to tell my dad that it wasn’t anyone I knew and it had nothing to do with me, that it might even be a bully from school or something, but he kept insisting there was no way teen girls could have our number unless I was giving it out to them.

I wound up grounded for a week for the crime of being a teenager in a home that was crank called by teenagers. Still have no idea who it was, but it’s not like we had an unlisted number – it could have easily been some asshole from my school, or even just a misdial.

— jumpedupjamboree

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