21 Women Talk About The Creepiest Phone Call They’ve Ever Received


When I was 17, A woman started calling me at 5am every day, just a few minutes after my boyfriend left for work each morning.

She would demand to speak to Kevin and refused to accept it was a wrong number because Kevin apparently texted me on my number and she copied it directly. The first day she called she sounded upset like she was crying, the second day, she sounded frustrated and tried to explain that she wasn’t mad at me because I probably didn’t know, but because I’m being uncooperative she knows I’m a selfish home wrecker. I stood by my “lady, I have no idea what your talking about” statement. The third day, she was downright abusive, calling me names over the phone and threatening to follow Kevin, find me and cut off my clitoris.

I told my boyfriend what was happening and showed him some of the texts this woman was now sending me in which she described how she would hurt Kevin in from of me so we could both be punished.

That night my boyfriend came home with Kevin, his 32 year old Co-worker. Turns out my boyfriend used Kevin’s phone to text me because his phone had died, my boyfriend used his own sim card so I received a text from him as usual, but the text remained on the phone itself, and it also loaded passed messages between me and my boyfriend from when my boyfriend had his sim in the phone, and Kevin’s fiance had seen it and thought Kevin was texting his mistress.

Anyway, Kevin crashed on our couch for a few nights while he figured stuff out, because he wasn’t comfortable with the idea that his finance threatened to chop off a 17 year old girl’s clitoris with zero real proof he was even having an affair.

— DearyDairy


I had a guy calling me for days asking for someone named Daniel, and every time I said it was a wrong number he’d get more upset and start ranting about how he knew it was just Daniel messing with him. Finally he was like, “Look, just tell Daniel that if he doesn’t call me back, I’m going to freak out and start calling everyone we know.”

I just told them that sounded like a solid strategy and hung up. He must have tried it, because he never called back again after that.

— clabberton

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