21 Women Talk About The Creepiest Phone Call They’ve Ever Received



I got one from an unknown number describing everything I was doing at the time. I’d like to think it was one of my friends messing with me, but I didn’t recognize the voice, and no one fessed up.

— Beachy5313


I got a phone call from an unknown number that was just crying profusely and asking me “Where am I?” and “Can I talk to her?” It sounded like it was from an older lady.

She would occasionally call back, and she was never not hysterical. She was always asking where she was and if she could talk to someone.

She only barely responded to anything we said in any coherent way.

— Sand_Dargon


I got a phone call at 7 am once from a woman asking for Tom. I said wrong number. There was a LONG sigh, then she said, “Look, I know he’s there. Just put him on the phone.” I said, No, you really have the wrong number and she said, “Ok, well tell him HIS WIFE called, ok?” Next day 7 am, same thing. And the next day.

Finally I answered and said, “Look, I don’t know who your husband is cheating on you with, but it’s not me. This is a wrong number and if you don’t stop calling me and harassing me every morning I’m going to call the cops.” She stopped, thankfully.

— JPickle82


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