19 Terrifying ‘I Was Almost Kidnapped’ Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You


We left the door unlocked

“My sister was taken from our home at knife point. We stupidly left a back sliding glass door unlocked and a man who worked at a traveling fair that was in our town came in, took a knife from our kitchen, went upstairs and grabbed my little sister who was 9 at the time. I luckily awoke when she let out a little scream and saw the man dragging her down the stairs. I screamed for my father who jumped out of bed and gave chase. He caught them about 10 feet outside the sliding glass door. The kidnapper told my dad he would kill my sister if he got any closer. My father told him you’ll have to kill me first. My sister elbowed the guy and my father immediately jumped him. Just to let you all know my father was then and is still a big dude. At 67 he’s still lifting but back then he was beast. The fight didn’t last long and the guy was in a coma for 2 days.” — Justathrowawaguy

They wanted to introduce me to their puppy

“A couple in a blue car tried to abduct me while I was playing on the sidewalk outside my house. I was five. They kept telling me how good I looked, that they would take me to a water park and introduce me to their new puppy. When I made it clear I had no intention of going with them the woman freaked out and started screaming at me to get into the car. Later my mom told me to stay with gracie (my friend) at school the next day because there were people in a light blue sedan creeping around the schools in the area.” — VickyStElmo


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