18 Unsettling ‘Driving At Night’ Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You


Getting lost

“It was about three am and we were lost in a rural area. We came across a farm with a nice little wood sign in front proclaiming it “The Hanging Tree Farm” complete with a noose burned into the wood. I’m not too proud to say I freaked the fuck out and demanded we leave.” — Not_A_Master

Someone else was in the car

“Driving back from my dad’s late one night. I was only about ten minutes into an hours drive and I felt something touch my head. Not like a tickle but a proper touch like the way you ruffle kids hair. I slammed my brakes on, checked the back seats and there was nothing there. Drove home absolutely bricking it and scared to look in my rear view mirror.” — rawwrjem

Black Cadillac

“Several years ago I was driving home from a weekend camping trip. It was a very curvy, very tight, and very winding road. I have driven this road quite a bit in the past, as I’m a regular camper in the area. It’s very much worth noting that this road doesn’t intersect any other road for about 18 miles. There are only very narrow turn-outs on the side of the road to allow for faster traffic to pass. So i’m driving along, no drugs in my system but nicotine. Seemingly out of nowhere a black Cadillac with heavily tinted windows comes up on me at high speed. He’s right up my ass so I pulled off the road and let him pass me. No biggie. As soon as I’ve gotten back up to the speed limit, an identical vehicle is up my ass again. I’m now slightly annoyed, but not scared in any way. I pull over and let the driver pass again, then continue on my way. Guess what happens next? Yep. The same car comes up on me again, and again, and again. It happened six times total. Unfortunately there were no identifying marks on the vehicle and I was unable to read the plates because, well, I didn’t want to fly off the mountainside while looking over.” — GuruBushHippie

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