16 People Reveal The Dark Secret They Know About Someone Else (But Will NEVER Tell)

13. My mom was pressed into an abortion

My father admitted that he pressured my mother into an abortion before my brother and I were born. It was a huge wake-up call that kept me from going down a pretty shitty road with a guy I worked with, but I’ll never forget the look on his face when he admitted that to me. And I will never tell her that I know.

— riotzombie

14. Overheard younger sister say she was going to kill herself

I have a couple friends who are siblings in our friends group.

Myself and two others were in a Skype call with the younger sister while the older one was at work. We essentially heard her admit she was going to commit suicide that day. We had figured she was depressed and tried to help her the best we could.

The three of us and a couple parents ended up at her dad’s house and found her with her wrist sliced open in the bathtub and out cold from ODing. I slapped a tourniquet on and used towels to try to stop the bleeding while a parent called an ambulance.

The responding paramedics said that even though she didn’t cut her wrists properly, she still would have died if we didn’t show up and try to stop the bleeding.

Her older sister doesn’t know due to her parents request and it’s a closely kept secret in the group. Whoever wasn’t there doesn’t know. Her father (who hated me for different reasons) always invites me out to different events, but still keeps up the impression he doesn’t like me. It’s kind of weird.

— EBeast99

15. Married man gets $10 BJ outside gallery

A bummy kid we had to gently eject from a gallery opening spent his exit begging for a few bucks, offering to suck anyone’s dick for $10. It was an odd moment anyway, capped by an odd, sad offer.

Later, I went out on the fire escape for a smoke. In the alley below was a straight acquaintance — like square straight, married with kids and a boring career — leaning against the wall, bum guy’s head bobbing against his crotch, getting a $10 BJ from a sketchy tweaker.

My first instinct was to make some noise, my second was “I just don’t want to be involved in this”. Of course upon reentering the party, acquaintance’s wife was the first goddamned person who spoke to me. “Hey, have you seen bob? Is he out sneaking a smoke?” It was a weird moment. I’ve said nothing for a decade.

— sightlab

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