16 People Reveal The Dark Secret They Know About Someone Else (But Will NEVER Tell)

11. Didn’t expect the end.

My ex used to go through my browser history and emails. She never found anything, but always thought I was up to something.

I knew this because I read her diary every day.

— canyoustopp

12. Tattled on my co-worker to help him

I used to work overnight security a couple of years ago. My partner (we will call him Bill) was struggling with some stuff left over from the Iraq war, and so we spent a lot of time getting to know each other better. Eventually, I promoted up to Supervisor, and then Assistant Director of Security.

One night, the guy who had replaced me on overnights called to complain about Bill coming in 3 hours late and drunk off his ass. I knew the guy was not good at keeping his lips sealed, and if I didn’t say something to my boss right away then he would. So, I called my boss (who usually shows up right after overnight leaves) and told him what was going on. My boss was also an Iraq veteran and he knew about the struggles Bill was having and how close the two of us had become, so I felt it would be better coming from my lips.

My boss came in early, caught Bill red-handed, and suspended him for a week. I’m instructed that when he gets back, to schedule him for day shifts so he can be supervised. We kept the whole thing hush hush and assumed he would improve once he was on day shifts.

So I do exactly that. Bill was elated to be working with me again and with our other buddies during the day (we were like one big family kind of. Really miss that place sometimes). He got better at his job, started sleeping regularly, and stopped drinking. Bill told me he was back on days because he wanted to be, he was tired of overnights. He never told me about the drinking, and I never told him I knew. We both kept that secret until he took his own life 2 months ago. Rest in Peace Bill, you are missed.

— Always_posts_serious

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