16 People Reveal The Dark Secret They Know About Someone Else (But Will NEVER Tell)

6. Uncle went to jail to protect child

The person knows I know but I would never tell my family. When my cousin was 5 or six he was not part of our family yet. My uncle met his mom and they fell in love and moved in with each other.

My cousin was still with his dad and my uncle and aunt were trying to get custody but her ex was a very wealthy man. Apparently he was also sexually abusing my cousin but it was hard to prove and her ex had some really good lawyers.

My uncle was not a rich man but they needed money for a lawyer and a special therapist for my cousin so they could win the case. He robbed his workplace for the cash to pay all the fees needed to get my cousin away from his dad. My uncle’s work found out and had him arrested he had to go to jail for 2 years, he told my family and everyone that he got a job abroad and had to leave for a few years so that he could pay for my cousins lawyers.

Everyone in my family still thinks that he went abroad to make extra cash only me and his wife know that he was in jail. My cousin is a very successful well adjusted happy man now, he doesn’t really remember anything about living with his dad. My uncle says he would do it again a thousand times if it meant my cousin growing up safe.

— tankgirl85

7. Secret about a co-worker

One day while looking through Flickr, I came across some nude pictures of my coworker. She has lots of photo albums on her account. Turns out she and her husband are swingers. I work with her on a daily basis. I would never tell her I have seen them.

— txpharmer13

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