16 People Reveal The Dark Secret They Know About Someone Else (But Will NEVER Tell)


1. It saved his relationship

My roommate punched himself in the eye and faked being jumped, because his girlfriend was about to break up with him. They are now married.

— beergoggler

2. He let his father die

I know a guy I grew up with who was beat all the time by his on/off alcoholic lumberjack dad.

One day the dad died from some heart failure or what not and when the cause of death report came out, it claimed he had been conscious after the incident had happened before he had died. My friend had told the police he had not been home but had biked to a friends house to see if he wanted to go play basketball.

I found out later at a party where we were drunk, when I asked him how it had been to come home to dead dad, that he had been home all the time and had heard his dad scream/gasp in pain and fall over but that he had just stood there, first empty, then smiling, as his dad withered in pain and slowly expired into unconsciousness and died. Then only when my friend was certain his dad was not waking up again, he called “911”.

Don’t hit your kids and expect them to come through for you.

— Adler4290

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