36 People Describe The Pros And Cons Of Being Single


• No one gets on my case about playing video games naked.
• I have a low monthly expense report.
• I can devote more time to my own passions and pursuits.

• Lack of companionship.
• No access to human touch. I’ve never even been on a date :(
• My bedroom is fucking disgusting because no one gets on me about cleaning it.



Pro: more free time, money and freedom of decision.
Con: a creeping feeling of loneliness that is the strongest when there’s nobody around with whom you could talk about it.



Pro: You get to do what you want, when you want. No bickering or being dragged to stuff you have no interest in. No faffing around having to look “presentable” at all times. Being able to do what you want without someone constantly checking up on you. Not having to give up your phone for it to be searched. Sleep diagonally in a bed.
Con: It’s awkward to go to a restaurant alone.



Pro: can literally starfish myself across the bed and not annoy anyone.
Con: having someone in the same bed is like having a heated blanket, lovely and cozy.



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