36 People Describe The Pros And Cons Of Being Single


Pro: Emotional independence. Your happiness is only reliant on yourself, not how someone else’s happiness or unhappiness is related to your own. Someone once told me being in a relationship brings your worst insecurities to the surface because someone else will know them and have to be ok with them if they’re willing to commit to being in a relationship. They could wake up any day and decide it’s not worth it and totally fuck your emotions.
Con: you have to have self-confidence in order to be emotionally independent. It can be really lonely, especially if you need others to validate you and you go through a dry spell or don’t have a good support system with friends and family.



Pro: Follow your dreams, personal growth, more relaxing alone time when you want it, live your life as you want to, optional leg and underarm shaving (ladies only, I suppose), anyone attractive you meet who is available can be a potential date, more time with friends, more time for hobbies, watching fewer movies and series that you really don’t like, fewer dishes to deal with and less food to buy (and only the stuff you like), that kind of explosively awesome sex you have with someone you are crazy about but don’t know that well, pre-date butterflies.
Con: Judgement from society, coupled friends tend to only want to socialize in couples, if your best friends are all in couples their partners will become their first ports-of-call for their personal lives and you’ll be left out and they won’t be that available for you when you need them, worrying about being ‘alone forever,’ no access to sex with someone who knows you in that way, no automatic plans for evenings and weekends, no real emergency contact.



Pro: You can come and go as you please, without having to compare schedules and appointments.
Con: Sure is great to have that special someone in your life to share everything with—bad and good.



Pro: you have a lot more spare time (I don’t play video games as much as I did before I got a gf).
Con: being with someone you love is amazingly fun and exciting.



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