36 People Describe The Pros And Cons Of Being Single


Pro: Freedom, get to make unilateral decisions, get to do what you want when you want, lots of casual sex.
Con: I’m so freaking lonely.



Pro: only have to depend on one person’s schedule.
Con: nobody to do stuff with.



Pro: More toilet paper.
Con: Less tissues.



• Learning how to love yourself
• Meeting new people without having to worry about making someone else jealous
• Not waiting for someone else to continue watching a show, you can binge watch anything without having to wait on another person
• Gaining independence
• Spending time doing whatever you want without worry about the feelings of anyone but yourself.

Sometimes you just really want a sidekick to be productive with. Someone to do chores/errands with you and lighten the mood. Sometimes you want somebody to talk with about the newest celebrity gossip or random happening in your personal life. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone who won’t judge you about those things that you want to share, but feel like your social media audience doesn’t need to know. Those things come with relationships, and it’s something special that isn’t easily replicated with anyone else.



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