27 Things Women Need To Know About Men (But Don’t)

24. Don’t ever call us useless or a bad provider.

“If you care for your man but for some reason are angry at him. You can call him many things like fat, ugly, stubborn, etc. But please, never call him useles, or a bad provider. That will truly and deeply hurt him. We as guys (most of us) feel validated by knowing we can resolve situations, provide to our loved ones, and be handy whenever is needed.”

25. Don’t argue with us if we compliment you; just accept the compliment.

“If I give you a compliment or tell you that I think you are beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, fantastic, stunning etc. Don’t argue with me! This is my opinion of you. I wouldn’t tell you that if I didn’t mean it!”

26. We can’t bitch away problems like you can.

“We can’t bitch away problems. Talking to the manager only gets us a response of “I’m sorry you feel that way sir, is there anything else I can help you with?” The most recent example I can think of was getting power on in my last apartment and a co-worker and her mother kept repeating, over and over, to call and demand they do it NOW! I tried to explain it’s the weekend, they can’t send anyone out till Monday, there is a priority schedule they go by etc. They would not. let. up. If you are a woman and are in distress, society is conditioned to help you. If you are a man in distress, you are seen as whiny and useless, kwitcherbitchin’.”

27. We are straightforward; we can also move our dicks slightly on command.

“We can move our dicks slightly on command…That’s about all you probably don’t know, guys are straightforward, not like the complex emotional nexus known as the human female.”
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