25 Railroad Workers Reveal The Most Brutal Scene They’ve Ever Come Across

Unsplash, Samuel Zeller
Unsplash, Samuel Zeller

1. I found pieces of a skull on the rails

“I’m a railway engineer in the UK, this time of year is the worst for suicides, with 2 in the last two days on the route I work on. I’ve been track inspecting before and from the clean-up of a suicide the night before they’ve missed a few bits, so what appears to be a bit of skull or kneecap can be seen. The worst bit is the smell. You become aware of the drug spots across the route too with the number of needles under bridges. I’ve seen bongs made out of all sorts, blow-up dolls, vibrators and worst to this day – half a used fleshlight.

My gut wrenches the most when I see pets. Cats and dogs are frequently found.

Some aresholes in certain spots are taping or gluing used needles to our access gates too – total sickos.” — magicmike87

2. We heard ghosts in the tunnels

“Working in a tunnel with 2 other colleagues one time and we all heard a woman screaming down the tunnel. Like in the films when a woman sees a dead body or a man with a gun kinda loud hysterical screaming. 2 of us start sprinting towards the noise and after 5-10 minutes we realise there is nothing there at all, no noise or sign of people. We are so sure we heard screaming we go to the next stations supervisor who informs us there is absolutely no one working around that was close enough for us to hear… We were in the deep underground section and we all heard that same noise that was creepy

Have heard a colleague speak about walking alone in the tunnels, again away from all people close to him on the night, and hear someone whispering and another colleague hear chains at an abandoned station. I’m not a supernatural person but have no reason to doubt these guys stories as they were told to me 1 on 1 when I asked a similar question to OP. Very quiet when you’re on your own underground so could be mind playing tricks I guess but still a creepy experience

Also, to lighten up the spookiness, there are a few women who actively flash train drivers from their houses that back on to the train lines. Never seen any of them but been in a cab with different drivers talking about it happening.” — joedude20


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