What Makes A Girl ‘Crazy’? 33 Guys Reveal The Biggest Red Flags

23. When she has funky eyebrows.

“A tell-tale sign are the eyebrows. Funky eyebrows = crazy.”


24. When she thinks her dreams are real.

“Girls who think their dreams are real and/or have some serious meaning behind them. No, I do not have an illegitimate child out there and it doesn’t mean that I plan to either. Sit down.”


25. When she’s overly emotional.

“You might think it’s stereotypical to say being overly emotional…which is probably an inadequate way to describe this but:

My ex would call me up once a month weeping at 11pm and would go on about how much she hated her life and how utterly alone she was. I would try and console her, and she would just snap at me.

Then the next day she would be ‘fine.’

Once after she said some really hurtful shit to me she dropped this one, ‘Why can’t people just say what they think and then move on?’

Translation: why can’t I vomit all of my fucked up emotional issues all over you, refuse any help what so ever, and then blame you for not understanding me?”



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