What Makes A Girl ‘Crazy’? 33 Guys Reveal The Biggest Red Flags

11. When she says, ‘If you can’t handle me at my worst…’

“‘If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best!” Stay the fuck away…”


12. When she’s extremely jealous.

“A friend of mine took a girl to a wedding and the girl got mad at him because he was staring at the bride too much…as the ceremony was going on. So, I guess extreme jealousy. Another example is one time years ago I had to work like a 10-hour shift on a Sunday and I gave my GF at the time a heads-up since I wouldn’t really be able to text back pretty much all day. She later told me she thought I made it up so I wouldn’t have to text her.”


13. When she’s always delivering ultimatums.

“Any chick who is big on ultimatums over daft stuff.

‘I just don’t feel like going out tonight babe.’

‘It’s either we go out or i’m leaving you.’



14. When she’s extremely insecure.

“My last girlfriend was extremely insecure. At the beginning of our relationship, she admitted to wanting to look at my text messages. I had nothing to hide, so I indulged her. It didn’t stop there. Pretty soon she was checking my Facebook and either unfriending or unfollowing women on my friends list. One day when we were watching a show on Netflix that had a fairly attractive woman, she looked upset. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that it bothers her when the person she’s with watches anything with women that are hotter than her. I was pretty much limited to watching animated shows. I’m a pretty passive guy, so I put up with it so she wouldn’t have to stress about it. I put up with it for a year and then she cheated on me with someone from work.”



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