15 Women Explain How They Deal With Their Boyfriend’s ‘Overly Affectionate’ Female Friend

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I would assume he could handle it himself. If he specifically told me it made him uncomfortable but that he didn’t know what to do, I’d have a conversation with him where we decide the best course of action, and then give him support and encouragement while he pursued that action.

— Little_Lion


I had to tell my boyfriend it makes me uncomfortable so he is less open towards these women.

I saw a picture with his girl friend on him with her legs wrapped around him. Nope. Not okay. He thought it was okay that his girl friends touched him like that, I would NEVER touch my guy friends like that. But then again I hate being touched.

— hsock


I trust that my SO is mature enough to tell me if he doesn’t want to be with me anymore. I like giving hugs to my boyfriends and he knows it, cause we have some friends in common. Obviously isn’t the same kind of hugs I give to my SO and he knows that too. If he wants to hug a friend, girl or boy, it’s okay, we are the same type of person that loves giving hugs.

We are sure that we love each other and that there are some things that the other would be uncomfortable to see, and we don’t do it in front the other, neither behind our backs. We trust each other.

— nachoandrockets


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