Dates From HELL: 25 Women Share Their Cringeworthy Tales

22. His mom told me he was breastfed until he was five.

“One time, I got dropped off at this boy’s house before our date and his mom started telling me weird stuff. Like the fact that he was breastfed until he was 5… Needless to say, we only had one date.”


23. The surprise guest was his cancer-stricken wife.

“My worst date was definitely the first time I met someone who I originally met online. We power-chatted online for months, he mailed me pictures and he looked quite attractive. I was truly looking forward to meeting him, but what a disaster. When I arrived at the restaurant where we were scheduled to meet, he was a full foot shorter than me (when he told me he was 8 inches taller). He was completely bald (unlike his pictures), and was at least 15 years older than in his pictures (which he ‘forgot’ to mention).

What stunned me the most though, was his dialysis machine!!! I have nothing against people with kidney problems, but I think that is something he should have told me! Anyway, being the nice person I am, I sat down to have dinner with him, and tried to be non-confrontational, but let him know I didn’t appreciate his dishonesty.

He apologized and I figured I’d make the best of the date, since he had flown 2000 miles to meet me. But here’s where it gets totally insane. Towards the end of the date, this woman walked up to our table and introduced herself as his wife!!!!!! I nearly choked! She smiled and sat down, and the two of them went on to inform me that SHE is dying of cancer, and wants to find a woman to marry and take care of her husband so she can die in peace!!! She thought I’d be perfect. Needless to say…that put me over the edge. I thanked them for dinner, wished them luck in their search, and left. Maybe it’s mean, but I never talked to him again. YIKES!!! Luckily I was brave enough to agree to meet other guys in the future, and they have all been great! :-)”


24. He started kissing another girl right next to him.

“We were at the theater at that time. I excused myself for a while to go to the ladies room, but when I came back he’s kissing the girl sitting right next to him. What I did is throw a box of popcorn on their heads and told him looooossssseeeerrrrr!!!”


25. He asked for a blowjob on the first date.

“My worst date experience was sitting in a park, doing nothing, and saying nothing, until he asked for a blowjob on the FIRST date!”

—Kayla TC mark



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