Dates From HELL: 25 Women Share Their Cringeworthy Tales

19. He took another girl home with us, so I slept on his sofa.

“We went to a club where he decided he was no longer interested in me and took another girl home with him. It wouldn’t have been quite so bad if I’d lived locally or knew someone who did but I didn’t…so I had to go back to his and sleep on his sofa whilst the two of them were *ahem* in the bedroom. I snuck out the window the next morning.”


20. He brought a backpack full of sex toys.

“I met this guy on (a dating website). We seemed to be getting along great through text and email. We exchanged pictures and we were, like, constantly texting. So, finally I invited him over to my place for the first date—I mean, I thought we knew each other pretty well.

When he got here, he had two backpacks. I was like, what? But I gave him the benefit of the doubt, like, maybe it’s games or I don’t know what. Later, he opened them—one full of clothes and his stuff, and another one full of toys, like sex toys. I was like, ‘Uhhh, where are you going after this?’ I tried to laugh it off. And he was like, ‘What do you mean where am I going? I feel like I’m home.’ He smiled like I was supposed to be all happy.

I went to the bathroom and texted my brother what was up and to come over, and he showed up in like 10 minutes banging on the door all crazy, and I played dumb, like ‘Oh, who’s that?’ He scared him off. No more online dating for me.”


21. His bipolar ex-girlfriend came along with him.

“The gentleman I had been talking to online on (a dating website) was a father of three, divorced. He lived out of the Valley, but worked in the Valley. We made a date to meet for coffee.

At that time, it was a big deal because I put makeup on and did my hair and picked an outfit out, and it was a very big deal to go that extra mile to meet someone in person.

He comes in the door and I recognize him right away from his picture, and behind him stands a girl, like five inches from him, like, from maybe his right shoulder, the entire time that we greet one another. And I said, ‘Hello, how are you?’ And I introduced myself because I had no clue who she was.

The next thing that happened was he looked at me and said, ‘We’re going to need to talk another time.’ And that was it. And he disappeared.

So, I left, and he messaged me maybe the next day saying that that was his ex-girlfriend who had tracked him down. She was bipolar or something, that she was desperate to talk to him. He was like, ‘I know I ruined it.”




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