Dates From HELL: 25 Women Share Their Cringeworthy Tales

9. I texted my friend about what an asshole my date was—but sent it to my date by mistake.

“I was on a blind date with this AWFUL guy. He was rude to the waitress and made comments about my order. I was so ready to go home, so I texted my friend under the table about what an asshole the guy was. Turns out I sent it to him on accident! He saw the text and stormed away from the table as soon as the food arrived. The waitress snuck me out the back door of the restaurant and I never saw the guy again!”


10. He broke my computer and told me to sue him, so I did—and won!

“I went on an online date and I happened to have my laptop computer out because I thought he wouldn’t show up. He showed up and immediately spilled hot tea and broke my computer, which ended up costing almost $1,000 to fix. He said he would pay for half, but instead changed his mind and said, ‘If you want my money, sue me.’ So I did. I ended up getting my half.”


11. He proceeded to lecture me about how careless, cruel, and irresponsible I was.

“After I got out of a long relationship, the first date I went on was with a guy from OK Cupid who was just OK. Since I was still getting my sea legs back, I agreed to a second date. We went out to dinner, and he started saying a bunch of things that were basically planning our upcoming relationship. Worried that he was getting too serious, I mentioned 20 minutes in that I wasn’t ready to be exclusive with anyone yet—something that’s pretty common in today’s dating world, right?

Well, not to him. I should have left then, but I was really hungry, so I sat through dinner while he proceeded to lecture me about how careless, cruel, and irresponsible I was, and how I should think about what I really want before I go on more dates and lead more guys on like that. Not only that, but he then called me every two weeks for the next two months, asking each time if I was ready to be exclusive yet.”




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