35 Horror Readers Recommend The Most Disturbing Story They’ve Ever Read

Audrey Reid
Audrey Reid

1. Pet Sematary by Stephen King

“In the foreword of a re-release of the book, King wrote that he initially wanted to leave the manuscript of Pet Sematary in the drawer of his desk because it was the first time that he felt he may have gone too far. I’m inclined to agree.” — Avatar_Yung-Thug

2. Sphere by Michael Chrichton

“I remember Sphere by Michael Chrichton being pretty scary when I read it. You have these characters essentially trapped at the bottom of the ocean, completely isolated and helpless when shit goes down, and the entity attacking them is mysterious and unpredictable. It all adds up to being thoroughly creeped out.” — SyanKotor

3. Whisperer In Darkness by H.P. Lovecraft

“I remember as a teen I stayed up late one night reading a Lovecraft anthology book, and started reading the Whisperer in Darkness.

Now at first, the story is boring, it is just a guy talking about rural Vermont.

Then the story is stupid, bug people from outer space? puh-leeze.

Then the story is fucking terrifying.

The transition came out of nowhere, all of a sudden I was sure I could hear the Mi-Go buzzing their imitation of human speech at me through the open window of my bedroom. Were my friends and neighbors secretly their human servants? I could never have known.

I would be lying prone on my bed, when I started to think something was behind me. So I’d roll over, but then later become afraid something was below me and roll prone again.

I stayed up all night rolling around like a madman.”  — Justedd_233


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