30 Skeptics On The Unexplainable Paranormal Activity That Turned Them Into Believers

Elena Montemurro
Elena Montemurro

1. We were haunted by the ghost of a homicidal relative

“When I was a small child, about 8, my family moved in with my grandparents, as my grandfather suffered from Alzheimer’s. My grandmothers sister, Emily, was in a mental hospital (she used to chase family with knives amongst other hobbies) when she died. Three nights running after she passed, the whole family, including our neighbors, heard sharp rapping on our door. Each time my father and the neighbors go to see if there’s anyone there. There never is. There is nowhere to hide, it’s a terraced house on a main road. We all comment on how strange this is. Except Grandma. Grandma is very quiet. My father asks if she is alright. Her answer? ‘You know when Emily was younger, she was always strange? She used to run to my house in the middle of the night hammer on the door and run away’. Cue immediate panic. Being haunted we could deal with, but being haunted by a possibly homicidal relative? No thanks. Thank god it never happened again afterwards. But none of the family slept to well for a long time afterwards.” — Fuzzymentalist

2. An animal warned us my cousin would die

“I’m Navajo. We have a belief that if an animals comes to you in the middle of the night howling or crying it’s a bad omen and that you should chase it off. Well one night a few years ago I was up by myself and I started hearing this awful whining and crying noise coming from my front door. I decide to check it out and it’s a cat just sitting there. It’s going berserk. I shoo it away and I thought that was the end of it.

The next morning we’re getting ready to take my brother to his wrestling meet and my Auntie calls us and she’s really frantic. Come to find out after hours of waiting for her to get back to us, my cousin was killed in a car accident.” — commodity_for_all


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