30 Disney Employees Spill The Strangest Thing They’ve Ever Seen Inside The Park

29. A couple left their baby alone while they went on a ride

I was working a fantasmic shift, wearing that glorious yellow poofed jacket armed with my flashlight. I was by the pirates entrance working on getting people to leave their baby buggys in a semi-neat order to either go under the ropes to watch the show or go on Pirates of the Caribbean, when one of my coworkers and I start to hear a baby cry. These people had left their baby in the buggy and went on pirates without it. Naturally, we called a lead and we had to stand there and wait for security; 20 minutes later the family showed up and told us that they didn’t think the baby could go on the ride. They probably had been doing it all day. They weren’t European.

30. I came face-to-face with a panther

When I worked third shift at one of the vacation club hotels one of my responsibilities was delivering the express check out statements at 3 am.

One night as I was walking from building to building I turned a corner and came face to face with a full grown Florida panther.

I backed away at top speed, shut myself behind the closest door and waited a few moments before resuming my rounds.

And people used to shit in the holes on the mini golf course. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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