30 Disney Employees Spill The Strangest Thing They’ve Ever Seen Inside The Park

18. A teenager was arrested over a baggie of drugs

I went to the 24 hr Disney day, just to see what it was like; mistake. I was sitting by the security checkpoint to get into the area in between the parks, and this undercover Disney security stopped a guest. She ushered her to the side of the planter I was sitting at and says, “What’s that plastic in your shoe?” It was a baggy full of drugs. She looked about 16, and started loudly arguing with security, who then radioed for others; security and then the police came. As soon as she stepped on the other side of the security checkpoint she was arrested.

19. We weren’t even allowed to touch our cell phones

Not an employee, but I marched in parade at Disney World Magic Kingdom recently so we became “honorary cast members.” I honestly thought how bizarre it was how serious the employees were about having a phone “backstage” and if you were even caught holding it they threatened to confiscate it so that we don’t spoil the “magic” of the characters. It really showed their integrity to their guests.

20. Couples gave each other blowjobs

Blow Jobs – so many mid-ride blow jobs that we had to interrupt via loud speaker, especially towards the end of the night. That being said if it was a slow night, no one else was in the boat, and the managers were already gone we’d let them finish and often congratulations during unloading so they knew we knew.

21. My friend was fired for saving a child

Disney is really on top of their shit. I have worked there in 2011 and all I can say is: they are not really kind to their employees. A friend of mine got fired for saving a child from being ran over in one of the parades. Apart from that, I’ve heard that people who manage the on-ride cameras see countless boobs.

My friend got ran over instead of the child and ruined the parade. Then she was fired.


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