30 Disney Employees Spill The Strangest Thing They’ve Ever Seen Inside The Park

11. Pin traders tased each other

Not one of the theme parks, but I used to work at the Disney Soda Fountain in Hollywood next to the El Capitan theatre. All I have to say is that the hardcore Disney fans are hardcore. I’m talking one pin trader punching another over cuts in line, someone bringing a taser to the next one.

12. Pluto died during a parade

I had a history teacher that used to work there. One of her stories is that pluto the dog mascot got run over by a float at a parade and died. Pluto was dragged to the back. Parade continued.

13. A woman tried to kill herself on a ride

I was at Disneyland on the Matterhorn with my sisters and their boyfriends when this lady unbuckled her seatbelt and jumped out of the bobsled. We had just gotten off of Small World and were walking towards the Matterhorn when it happened. Within a few minutes they started closing the park down.

14. A little girl told us to go to hell

I used to work in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique as a Fairy Godmother in Training (FGIT from here on out), and one time we had a very Christian family come in and have their daughter done up by a friend of mine, in the chair next to me. We like to tell the girls stories about the real princesses coming in to get their hair done every morning, all of us having sleepovers, using “jellyfish jelly” (from Ariel, of course) to style their hair, that we’re 200+ years old (since to be a bona fide Fairy Godmother you have to be 1,000), etc. Every story my poor friend told this little girl, she would scrunch her face up and would say things like “That’s not true!” and “Stop saying fibs!” It’s adorable when the girls react so cute and don’t believe it at first, so we’re all laughing, and my friend tops it off with the fact that she’s 230 years old, and the girl nearly stands up in the dang chair and screams at the top of her lungs, “LIARS GO TO HELL.”


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