29 Haunted House Workers On The Truly Terrifying Things That Have Happened On The Job

19. A worker followed a woman to her car

I was part of a drama class in high school and we did an annual haunted house in October. One of the idiotic kids who was only in the class for credit helped out and went crazy in our maze. He would not leave this one girl alone who was obviously scared out of her mind. He got way too close, she freaked and ran out, and he followed her to her car. She filed something with the principal and the haunted house was cancelled the next year.

20. I made a little girl throw up

It was a few days before Halloween and I was working on the 3D side doing a “magic trick”. A little girl was there with her parents and she was freaked out, but they were almost done and her parents didn’t want to leave early. She got to my trick and peed herself. She cried and cried and was getting herself really worked up, they got to the next scare and she threw up. We closed early last night.

21. I collapsed and skinned my hands

I was in 8th grade and Six Flags just began putting on Fright Fest. In one of the haunted houses, there were a bunch of black lights and a spinning vortex thing… and clowns. Clowns everywhere.

None of my friends wanted to go in, but I spent my hard earned babysitting money to get access to all the houses, so I ventured in alone.

Anyways, I was in this hallway with a vortex and black lights when suddenly this clown runs at me beeping this little horn and begins to chase me. So I start running and the combination of clowns and lights and clowns and vortexes was overpowering and I ended up collapsing and skinning my hands and legs up really bad.

The clown chasing me saw what happened and ran over to help me, which made me scream more. I started crying and screaming/kicking at him until they had to turn all the lights on in the house and escort me out with a golf cart. They took me to first aid, bandaged me up, gave me a free season pass for the following year and implemented a rule that the performers could no longer chase patrons.



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