29 Haunted House Workers On The Truly Terrifying Things That Have Happened On The Job

15. Some of the customers refused to leave

Some guy grabbed a girl’s boob as he laughed at her and then proceeded to punch a guy dressed as a clown.

14-year-olds trying to beat up our “prowlers” (people who chase you to your car) in the parking lot.

Some dude gave a zombie a wet willy once. He didn’t get into the house yet and was thrown out with no refund; he’d already had the rules explained to him by that point.

There was one time I smashed a metal fireplace shovel in half. I’d been doing it all night. When I hit it on the ground for one tour, the thing finally snapped and they all damn near shat themselves because it made me look like a small girl with beastly strength.

There was another time when I was telling this group of girls to exit my room. They were in a corner, on the floor, crying their eyes out and screaming. Every time I told them to leave, they’d flip out more. It was to the point that multiple tours were about to run into each other because THEY WOULDN’T LEAVE. Thankfully, they eventually calmed down enough to get the hint that they had to go and finally exited the room, but god damn.

Girls get hit on by preteens and older men all the time. I was a creepy doll once, but the creepiest thing was having an older man tell me how much he wanted to play with me.

16. A customer threatened the workers

I helped out at a Haunted Jail once. (I was working the electric chair dude) Right next to me was a cell that three girls (ages 10-13ish) were hiding in to scream at people walking by. It was pretty amusing, until they scared this one macho dude. He rushed at the bars and started swinging at the little girls, shouting “IM GONA KILL YOU BITCHES!!” The girls were terrified and huddling in the back of the cell. Security threw that asshole out, I don’t know if cops were called. I hope so.



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