29 Haunted House Workers On The Truly Terrifying Things That Have Happened On The Job

12. A girl ran straight into a brick wall

Once a girl got startled and took off running – all the way to the exit where she ran through the curtain right into a brick wall. They brought her to me with blood streaming down her face and at first I thought it was a great makeup job. Again – not our fault. After that we started planning ahead, and now we use foam to wrap every hard surface the public might come into contact with – just in case.

13. My coworker drugged my girlfriend

I worked at a haunted house in high school with all my friends and I witnessed my best friend (at the time) with his hands down my girlfriends pants. Come to find out he had drugged her, and she was very obviously drugged. I am very thankful that the chain was not attached to the chainsaw that night.

14. They had to check a customer for a concussion

At the end of the forest, there were guys in hockey masks with chainsaws who chased you out of the forest. When they burst out, a father grabs his six or seven year old son and holds on to him and yells, “Get this one!!! It’s his birthday!!” and begins pushing his young son towards the chainsaw guys. We sold these glow sticks that were about as big around as a baseball bat handle an probably half a foot long… and this kid had one. He spun around, clocked his dad square in the temple with it and dad goes down… hard. Lights out. The chainsaw guys come running toward the dad and the kid (partly because it’s their job and partly to check on the dad, so the kid screams, “You can’t catch me!!!!! Get him!!!!” and throws the glow stick at the chainsaw guys and runs like a mad man out of the forest, dad still unconscious on the floor. Paramedics came in, checked him out… He was ok, but they took him in to check for a concussion. It wasn’t funny when it happened, but looking back on it I laugh my ass off when I run into one of the other guys who were there and ask them if they remember that.



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