29 Haunted House Workers On The Truly Terrifying Things That Have Happened On The Job

9. A girl got so scared that she busted her head open

Teen aged black female apparently had an immense fear of clowns. She wasn’t aware we had clowns in our house. They sort of resembled the clowns from Killer Clowns from Outer Space. They’re job is to basically jump out from blind spot and startle people. She was so scared she shit and pissed herself, then passed out and busted her head open.

10. The owner tricked people into thinking they had a serious respiratory disease

In one haunted house I know of, the owner wasn’t getting enough visits. So he hired a young business consultant who had recently graduated from a top business school in Canada.

The advice? Convince people who were visiting that they had contracted a serious respiratory disease. This meant, in part, having a fake biohazard team in bubble suits come in and escort them away. It was very convincing and somewhat horrifying.

The idea was to upset someone so badly that they would then sue the haunted house. It would become a news story, (“Haunted house sued for being too scary!”), assuring the business a lot of visits.

I’m not sure how it ended, though, of if the plan worked.

11. A girl broke her boyfriend’s nose on accident

I helped a guy who was walking through with his arms around his girlfriend in front of him, and she got startled and threw her head back and broke his nose. Well, that sure wasn’t our fault. We warn people against walking like that due to that danger.



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