29 Haunted House Workers On The Truly Terrifying Things That Have Happened On The Job

7. A man shot himself in the head on our property

It was cleaned up by the time I got to work, but someone had jumped the fence to the property one night and shot himself in the head with a revolver from the 20’s.

As far as ghosts go, I had a door continually slam in my face every time I opened it (3-4 times) and when I finally said “Stop it”, the door remained opened.

This is an actual haunted house. Not one of the Halloween ones.

8. A man thought I was a woman and tried to grope me

One year (long story short) I was working in a gypsy camp in the forest, and I dressed in drag–full makeup, long hair, stuffed bra, I was actually a little too passable as a woman (when my mother saw me, she said she wished I’d been born a girl), so I kept a 5:00 shadow to make it clear I was a guy. I would hide my lower face behind my hair and the two women I was working with would proposition men coming through to see if they wanted to buy their sister (me.) When they would get close or show interest, I would let the hair away from my face. [This was my idea, as I thought the gypsy camp was boring as is and spiced it up a bit. It went well.]

We had a drunk group of frat boys come through one night, and one of them was a bit intoxicated and VERY interested in the prospect of purchasing their sister. He very aggressively grabbed me and began rubbing up on me. He grabbed my ass, hand a hand moving towards my fake breasts, when he brushed up against a surprise. He jumped back and screamed, “FUCK THAT! That’s a fucking man!!!! I felt his dick!!!! That’s a man!!!!” I let my hair down right then. His friends immediately began making fun of him. “You grabbed that guys dick??” I said, “That’s not all he grabbed…”

The guy was clearly a bit homophobic and a bit upset and his friends were really giving him hell. Security saw it happen and offered to throw him out. I said, “Nah… I think he learned his lesson, but if he gives anyone else any shit, toss him.” I really wish I had a video of that happening.



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