29 Haunted House Workers On The Truly Terrifying Things That Have Happened On The Job

5. I ripped out a man’s stitches and ignored his screaming

Once a year there is a Fair in town with all sorts of attractions and roller coasters and of course a Haunted House. Its one of those rides where you get into this cart type thingy on a track and along the way stuff pops out at you, probably know what I’m talking about. After like 9pm they would put real people into the attraction. I applied for a job for the holiday there so I got to scare people and get paid, seemed like a pretty good deal to me right. When the carts went up to the second floor they turned around I had to jump at them and make some weird noises. The other guys had like a chainsaw or something else but I couldn’t do that. One time this couple came up with their cart and the dude had his hand hanging out of the cart. I jumped out at them and accidentally bumped against his hand. No biggy, happens all the time although this time it was a little bit rough. The dude was screaming something but it’s a freaking Haunted House… everyone screams. The ride just kept going like normal. After like 5 minutes the emergency lights went on and the track stopped. They called us down and shut down the ride for the day. When I was working my way down to the entrance I noticed I had some blood on my suit which was odd because that’s not part of the costume (I was wearing one of those crazy clown suits which was freaking hot on the inside). At the entrance I saw some paramedics and in the back of my mind I kinda knew what was going on, but like not really until I saw the guy sitting in the back of the ambulance with his hand covered in bandages. Apparently the guy had old stitches that had come loose when I jumped against him. I got fired, which I still think is bullshit, but yea… they didn’t give me my paycheck either… said it was to clean the suit.

6. A woman got a concussion and spent the night in a hospital

The worst thing I’ve seen at my haunt didn’t actually have anything to do with us being a haunted house. We had rain, wind, and hail one night and didn’t get the message out fast enough to get everyone to safety. A metal sign came loose and hit a woman (a customer, not a worker) over the head at what we believed to be 40mph. She had a concussion and spent the night in the hospital, but she was fine in the end and didn’t take legal action. Other than that I’ve seen people cry, have panic attacks, I saw a guy get scared and bite his (presumed) girlfriends shoulder, one of our actor was kicked in the head by another actor who was swinging from a rope, workers who’ve cut themselves while preparing sets, customers who’ve gone out of their way to get into actor-only areas who’ve gotten hurt, I’ve been kicked, actors are pretty frequently punched, and frequently (almost once a night) people corner smaller or younger actors and comment that they’re sexy, ask for dates/sex, try to touch, and breath their beer breath on you. Somehow the job is still fun and I keep going back!



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