29 Haunted House Workers On The Truly Terrifying Things That Have Happened On The Job

3. My coworker set his arm on fire

I worked at a haunted trail in high school. The worst thing that happened was actually to a fellow worker and not a guest. His chain saw had run out of gas and instead of using a flashlight to see where he was pouring the gas, he decided to use a lighter. I was in the next stop on the trail and when I heard blood curdling screams I ran over to see him rolling on the ground with his arm on fire trying to put it out.

4. A violent group of teenagers showed up with actual knives

I worked one in High School my Junior year.

I wore a black skin suit so that I was basically invisible in the low light of the house. I was told that I wasn’t to physically touch any of the visitors to the haunted house. The organizer placed me at the end of the house in a hallway with open rafters above me. I hung onto the rafters and waited for someone to show up.

About an hour into my shift a group of teenagers showed up, and as I had many times before I dropped from rafters and howled at them.

The fun part about this group of teenagers is that they were packing knives. Every last fucking one of them. They all pulled them and one shouted at me “Who’s scared now??” To which I promptly said “That would be me.” I backed against the wall and the group walked past me. THANK GOD.

A few minutes later the on duty police officer came by and asked how I was, and I told him what happened. When my shift ended 30 minutes later I found the officer helping the kids that pulled the knives on me into his and another police car.



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