29 Haunted House Workers On The Truly Terrifying Things That Have Happened On The Job

26. A customer broke an actor’s nose

I helped out at one last year. This macho strong dude came in with a babe of a girlfriend. He was huge like 6’4″ all muscle, but she was smaller, fit, and gorgeous. It was kinda obvious that she dragged him here. He looked reluctant to go in. Once they got in there this guy was screaming like a little girl. She was enjoying the hell out of it but he was terrified. At one point, a guy jumps out from around the corner with a ‘bloody’ fake chainsaw. He was not expecting this. When the guy jumped out he instinctively punched the guy right in the face. He broke the guys nose. Real blood was everywhere. The macho dude was actually kinda a nice guy though. He helped the guy he just hurt out and made sure he was okay before he left. Hands down funniest thing I’ve witnessed while working there. Everyone was ok in the end.

27. Customers had seizures from the lights

I’ve worked in a couple different haunted attractions but the worst was probably someone that had a seizure because of the strobe lights.

28. Strangers were kicking my broken foo

I got a job at a haunted house a few years ago. The day before my first day of work I fractured my foot. I wore a boot on my leg and they still let me work. Well, some people thought my boot was a prop and I had several people kick my broken foot. Eventually they had to put me up in the controls because I was a liability problem.

That, and I also made 3 people pee themselves and one person shit themselves. It was a fun job.

29. A customer beat the shit out of a clown

We used to have a haunted house every year in the fall in my city, but too many lawsuits forced it to shut down. My dad, who works for the city and saw a lot of the cases, told me about one in particular where this one guy went into the haunted house, but was terrified of clowns. There was this one room where these clowns come out at you with chainsaws (original, right?) And the guy got so scared he grabbed one of the clowns and beat the shit out of him, then proceeded to run away through the tarp walls of the haunted house, causing it to collapse. The poor clown then sued the haunted house for physical and emotional damage and had to be put on Prozac. Everyone who dealt with the case called him Prozac the Clown. Thought Catalog Logo Mark



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