10 Incredibly Upsetting Disappearances That Remain Unsolved To This Day


Last seen April 11th, 1998.

Misanthropic Tendencies
Misanthropic Tendencies

40-year-old Diane Augat was last seen walking away from her home on US 19 in April of 1998. Diane had recently been released from a stay in a mental hospital undergoing treatment for bipolar disorder and alcoholism. Her mother felt she left treatment too soon, and that her daughter needed more help.

Three days after she disappeared, Diane’s mother received a voicemail from her. Her mother could hear her screaming for help and saying, “Let me out!” before hearing what was described as a struggle for the phone before the end of the message. When her mother called the number back and there was no answer. Eventually the phone number would be traced back to a business in Odessa, Florida called the Starlight.

Two days after the phone call the severed tip of Diane’s right middle finger was found near US 19, where she was last seen. According to her mother the fingernail had to have been repainted red, as Diane’s nails were previously green. Two weeks after that, a bag of her folded clothes was found in a convenience store’s outdoor freezer in the same city. Two years later in 2000 and just a day after a local paper published a story on her disappearance, Diane’s sister-in-law found a plastic bag labeled “Diane” filled with various toiletries in the parking lot of a Circle K grocery store. Diane’s mother claimed the toothpaste was identical to the toothpaste she’d been given in treatment, but it was never proven whether or not the bag actually belonged to Diane.

Despite all of the various evidence and leads, no arrests have ever been made and nothing has happened since 2000.


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