I Was Offered A **Very** Generous Settlement Not To Tell You The Disgusting Truth Of The Tampon Recall

Kiele Twarowski
Kiele Twarowski

I have been tracking this whole tampon recall business very closely. I’ve saved every article, even though they are extremely limited. I have collected any testimony I can find online. It’s an important issue to me for many reasons, the first being I’m a woman and I happen to menstruate every month. The second being I was one of the 60% of women affected by this recall.

I have decided to document my exact experience, in case something even worse starts to happen. I bet a lot of you reading this have had a similar experience with the recall. If so, please let me know. You are not alone. I live in America so I can only speak to my own experience, although I know similar events occurred in the UK, Canada, and other countries.

I was offered large sums of money to keep my story quiet. We all were. But I am not taking their money. Women died because of this. I saw a woman waste away in front of me and they want me to shut up? Never. I don’t care what happens now.

It was last November when I started experiencing symptoms. Now take into account – I’ve been using tampons since I was fifteen. I know all about toxic shock syndrome and basic hygiene. I am no menstruation newbie.

But that month I started experiencing something odd. I got my period near the 1st, like I typically do. About a day into my period I started feeling an intense itching sensation. It wasn’t a normal itch. It felt like someone was dragging a rake down the inside of my vagina. I wasn’t worried it was an STD, since I hadn’t had sex in almost a year. I spent the whole day at work uncomfortable, squirming around in my chair. I couldn’t wait to get home.



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