82 Generic Gay Guy Names And What It Says About His Personality

73. Trevor: Constantly posts boring pics of his dog-babies, aptly named “Precious” and “Pookie.”

74. Brady: Instawhore. 75,000 followers and counting.

75. Brenden: Two words: daddy issues.

76. Kevin: Seems like the whole package. Makes you doubt yourself for being so cynical and distrusting. Fuck you, Kevin.

77. Ethan: Your richest (and laziest) friend. Thank god for family money.

78. Tucker: ‘Sup? You up? You out? Looking? Not interested if you practice safe sex.

79. Nick: Catfisher.

80. Chris: Functional addict. But barely.

81. Peter: Tell us more about white gay male privilege.

82. Patrick: Hates, no, absolutely DESPISES online posts featuring lists, especially ones that reduce gay men to absurd stereotypes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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