82 Generic Gay Guy Names And What It Says About His Personality

53. Zack: Unrepentant gamer. First to play Pokemon Go.

54. Mark: Doesn’t clip, but shaves his body hair, including the hair on his legs. Eew.

55. Jesse: His lesbian friends are for more interesting and funnier than he is. (Note to self: get their numbers.)

56. Billy: Has gym memberships at Equinox, NYSC, Reebok, Chelsea Piers, and Gold’s. You’d never know it.

57. Dick: Lives up to the love for his name.

58. Jeffrey: Always dates another Jeffrey (but spelled differently).

59. Reid: Big-time camper and griller. Born and raised in Staten Island.

60. Alan: Never get on his bad side. Seriously. Just don’t.

61. Andrew: Hung.

62. Kyle: You can take the gay boy out of the fraternity…


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