28 Creeped Out People On The Paranormal Activity They’ve Experienced IRL

15. The security sensors went off when no one was around

I work in a nursing home so we have weird things happen all the time (socks traveling across the hall by themselves, cupboards opening and stuff flying out, lights turning off and on, washing machines just sitting all full of ice water for no reason, etc.) but our alzheimer unit has the most activity.

All of our alzheimer rooms have special sensors so we know if a resident is getting out of bed or leaving their room. It is to assure we know where they are and that they don’t fall.

One particular night a call light kept going off promptly followed by that room’s bathroom sensor being tripped. This room’s resident had passed away three days before and we didn’t have anyone else in there yet. We turned it off about four times in three hours and were pretty creeped. Then, at 10pm, just an hr before I got to leave, we heard a lady screaming for help. We ran back to the source and it turned out to be in that same room. The bathroom sensors started going off again right when we got there. We had to check in case some other resident had gone in, but there was no one. The sink and shower were both running full blast with ice cold water though. I turned everything off and reset the switch, and gently pulled the door closed as I left. Halfway through closing it, someone/thing SLAMMED it closed for me. I almost had my shoe caught.

I refused to go back in the rest of the night.


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