28 Creeped Out People On The Paranormal Activity They’ve Experienced IRL

12. His room was destroyed by a demon

A friend picked up some weird stuff from a yard sale. Some things with weird symbols and such, but it still looked cool. He placed it on his dresser and we left for pizza. We come back 1 hour later. The room is destroyed. Everything had been thrown around, dresser drawers pulled out, clothes on the floor, closet doors torn down, and the stuff he bought sitting in the same place. It was completely undisturbed.

13. Our Ouija board caused us to see hallucinations

Graduated high school, moved in with best friend, bought a Ouija board. We mostly asked it stupid questions, like what we should name the bong or when would we meet the loves of our lives. Once we asked it if it was friendly and it said no. Then we asked if it liked us and it said no. We didn’t really play with it much after that, but it stayed in the apartment. I started seeing cats out of the corner of my eyes several times a day. When I looked, there was nothing there. It freaked me out, but I didn’t say anything. After weeks of this, my friend told me she was seeing cats, and her boyfriend (who occasionally played with the board with us) immediately said he had, too. We ended up giving the board to a friend and the cats disappeared. Not very scary, but VERY weird.

14. My entire house was haunted

When my parents got divorced, my mother moved to a nice lake house. She bought it from a widow whose husband had died of lung cancer. We are not sure if he passed away in the house, but we do know that during his last years, he would only stay in the house when he wasn’t at the hospital (the couple had no children, and no other family).

My sister and I assume he passed away or spent most of his time on the second story, where our two bedrooms and bathroom were. I often felt like someone was watching me in my room at night, and would hear creaks from my dresser like someone was leaning on it. My sister felt the same way, but about someone sitting in a chair in her room and it creaking. We would both awake in the middle of the night with just an eerie feeling that we were being watched.

Some doors would seem to close when we did not recall opening or closing them. My bedroom entrance had two double doors that opened inward to the room, a walk-in closet door that opened inward towards the closet, a door to the bathroom that opened outward towards the room with a double sink for my sister and I, and a door to a room with shower and toilet that opened inward. There was also a door from my sisters room to where the sinks were, and a door to her bedroom. The important thing to recognize, is that the doors open in different directions.

One night as I was getting ready for bed, I thought I heard something move, and I quickly turned around and looked in the mirror that was behind me. Immediately upon making eye contact with my reflection, all of the second floor doors slammed. BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM. At the same time. Six swift slams echoed across the house. There was no window open, no air conditioner on, no fans (Minnesota in the winter) and the double doors that had been open, slammed together. I felt trapped and ran to jiggle the double door handle and fled, running down the stairs.

A few months later, I was heading upstairs towards my bedroom after dinner. My sister had been on the computer in my room before dinner when it was light out, but as it got darker while we ate, the only light on in my bedroom was radiating dully from the old iMac in my room. As I got into my room, I thought I saw something move, but again, the only light was from the dull, blue computer screen. I turned to hit the light switch but thought I saw something move, so I stopped with my hand on the switch. Within the light cast by the computer, there was a shadow that was unfamiliar, and it began to move. It was two shadows really, and they looked like legs. Slowly, the two shadows moved again, like legs, but they were slowly walking towards me. They were almost transparent, like light shining through wax paper. As they approached me, I screamed, and threw the light switch. I never slept on the second floor again.


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