28 Creeped Out People On The Paranormal Activity They’ve Experienced IRL

10. I saw Death in my bed

I was sleeping at my inlaws house. At around 1am I awoke and DEATH was by my bed (Hooded Skeleton, the whole bit). I could not breathe and I felt the most profound sense of peace. I spoke to DEATH telepathically and said, “I am ready to go” and I was truly unafraid and I was ready to die. DEATH said, “I have you, but not yet”, and vanished.

I went back to sleep and tried to recapture that dream…that sense of peace. I had stupid cartoon death dreams for the rest of the night. Nothing like the first one.

Woke up at 6:30 to hear my Father-in-law screaming. His wife had died in her sleep. Time of death: 1am.

I am an atheist and lifelong skeptic. This experience shook me. I can accept that I had a dream, but that sense of peace, that resignation to my own death, I have no experience or believe to base that on. Then there’s the coincidence of my mother-in-laws death at precisely that moment. Sure, it can all be explained as coincidence. My story isn’t proof of anything, but it shook me.

I can honestly say my life changed that day. I live better and care less about things.

11. We heard our piggy banks shaking on their own

Holy fuck do I have a story for this. When I was growing up, my parents moved into a newly remodeled home. Apparently it used to be a funeral parlor, and because of its location (not too terribly close to anything) it was a pretty great price. Now, the first thing you have to know about my parents is that they’ve never been known to lie to my brother and I.

Even though I was young, I remember that house vividly. It was small, and all the rooms were tiny, though there were a lot of them. Even the stairs were kind of funny, tiny steps that snaked around the far wall of the home, and made loud sounds when stepped on. During the day the house was tame, albeit old. However at night when my parents would put my brother and I to sleep, shit got real.

The pans downstairs would clank together, and then loud booming as someone stomped up the stairs. The next thing I can remember is the bed shaking, left and right. Often times our Ernie and Burt piggy banks would start to shake, and they’d turn around. Being young we didn’t like them looking at us at night, so we would face them towards the wall… they’d always turn around.

Even our parents both remember how they could hear the change jingling around as the banks moved. By morning it would all be back to normal, and the cycle would repeat.


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