28 Creeped Out People On The Paranormal Activity They’ve Experienced IRL

8. A strange voice spoke to my daughter

My twins were two months old and barely sleeping through the night. As most nights go my wife and I, whose room is adjacent to the nursery, were woken around 2 am to some crying coming from one of the cribs. It was my turn to get up, so I saunter over to Gabe (one of the twins) and I hear a woman say “Its ok Gabey.” My wife goes, “did you hear that?” She didn’t say it, I didn’t say it… to this day we have no idea where the voice came from. It wasn’t my wife’s voice.

9. My cousin was saved by a Hawaiian spirit

This event happened to my younger cousin. It is a bit long but worth the read. My cousin Kim is about six years younger than me. She has since birth, the ability to see spirits. They appear whole and like a normal person and not like a wispy apparition. When Kim was around five her family moved to a valley on the eastern side of O’ahu, a place known to contain Hawaiian burial grounds. Kim became the perfect child. Going to bed on time, eating her veggies and cleaning her room without having to be asked. My aunt asked her: “Kim. Why are you such a good girl?” to which she replied: “The Green Man told me to.” My aunt figured it was a childhood imaginary friend and left it at that. Kim’s brother Shane who is three years older than Kim would often tell his mom that Kim was crazy because she would spend time in her room talking to herself. My aunt took Kim to an O-Daisan, a Japanese medium who told her that Kim was communicating with a Hawaiian spirit and that she called him the “Green Man” because that was the color of his malo (loin cloth). The O-Daisan advised the family that the spirit was benevolent as if he was going to do something evil, it would have already happened. The O-Daisan instructed the family to put a bottle of gin as an offering in the corner of Kim’s room where she saw the Green Man as a show of respect. They did this. About six months after visiting the O-Daisan my aunt, my grandmother and Kim were in a four car accident, their car being in the middle. My aunt was then pregnant with Kim’s younger sister at the time. My aunt, my grandmother and Kim were all in the front bench seat of the family’s station wagon without wearing their seat belts when my aunt heard tires screeching. She looked in her rear view mirror and saw a young Hawaiian man sitting in the back seat smiling. At the moment of impact the front bench seat reclined so that when the cars hit they were in a prone position. The station wagon was totaled, smashed like an aluminum can yet no one including the baby was injured. My aunt knew the junk yard operator and she asked him about the seat claiming it must have broken right before impact. The operator checked and told her the seat worked fine. That the lever was tripped. My aunt visited the O-Daisan and told her what happened. The O-Daisan explained that the Green Man was Kim’s guardian angel and that he had to perform a good deed before he could be released from the spirit world. Kim never saw the Green Man after the accident but 30 years later we still talk about the incident in hushed and reverent tones. This is one of many true paranormal experiences that has happened to me and or my family.


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