28 Creeped Out People On The Paranormal Activity They’ve Experienced IRL

5. My dog was staring at a ghost

When I was around 13, we had a huge German shepherd who was 7 at the time. This dog was a beast. He wasn’t afraid of anything. Ever. Constantly following me to school and waiting for me to come home at the foot of our driveway. All around a great great dog. Again, let me re-emphasize: this dog wasn’t afraid of anything.

Anyway, we bought this house we were living in at the time for super cheap because the previous owner had hung himself in the downstairs coat closet and it wasn’t selling fast enough. One day, I walk down the stairs to see my dog staring at the closet. Just staring. He was standing up, tail between his legs, not moving an inch, just staring at it. The door was open, which was weird, because people in my house are usually good about closing things up. I go over to Rodney (my dog) and try and see if there is something in the closet from where he is looking. Can’t see anything, but the closet is super dark. I try and snap Rodney out of it, but he won’t budge. He just keeps staring and staring. I had never seen my dog like this.

The most horrifying part: Rodney’s head is moving slightly from left to right, like he is following the movement of something hanging in the closet.

6. I found a dead body in the forest

When I was in about the 6th grade, a friend and I went to another girl’s house, which was in the country, a few days before Halloween. We wanted spooky things to happen, so we did the typical pre-teen girl creepy slumber party activities, like playing with the ouija board and doing Bloody Mary. The next evening, the girl who lived there told us she heard of a crazy lady who lived nearby, and threw plates at people. We decided to take their golf cart and try to find her, and videotape her throwing plates at us.

We didn’t. We got lost in woods instead.

All of a sudden, I saw something, or someone, floating in the distance. My friend turned on the video camera and we got out of the golf cart to creep closer. We were scared, but curious at this point.

“it’s a person,” I remember whispering, when we were close. “He’s dead”. “No, it’s just a Halloween decoration!” My friend insisted. It wasnt a Halloween decoration. It was a dead body, hanging from a tree. At first we thought he was murdered, then put up on display. We were freaking out. The concept of suicide was not well formed in our heads. But the knocked over ladder and the note tacked to the tree (which we didn’t read) proved otherwise.

My friend called the cops, when they arrived we were told to leave immediately. I remember tons of police cars and at least ambulance arrived. They made us turn off the video camera, which had been rolling the whole time, and call her mom, to get us back to the house. The parents tried to convince us, as we sat in the kitchen crying, that it was simply a Halloween decoration. But police don’t send kids home if it isn’t a dead body. Every year before Halloween I have nightmares sparked by this event. I’m on a hill in the dark. There are dead trees surrounding me, with a dead body hanging from each one.


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