28 Creeped Out People On The Paranormal Activity They’ve Experienced IRL

27. I heard a strange sound upstairs

House-sitting and taking care of the dogs for my aunt. It was an old farm house. Old as in the kitchen and bathroom were added on to the house when working plumbing became a common thing. I played some video games, watched a little tv, just winding down to go to sleep. Just laying there in the dark trying starting to doze off and I hear something. Something coming from upstairs.

The upstairs was an attic turned into bedrooms for my cousins. The best way I could describe it was like a pipe or a bottle, the sound of some kind of hollow object rolling back and forth across the floor in the room directly above me. I just sat there wide eyed and scared shitless. Finally, I worked up the courage to get up and turn the lights back on. The rolling sound continued. I told myself it was just something in the walls, trying to come up with any rational explanation. I got up to turn the tv back on and just kinda drown out the sound. With the lights on I noticed the dogs, two big rottweilers, were sitting silently in the kitchen hair bristling and staring right at me. I backed away, honestly afraid they were going to attack me for some reason, but I realized they weren’t staring at me. They were looking past me at the door that goes upstairs.

Well, shit. That did nothing to settle my nerves, but there was no way in hell I was going up to investigate. I cranked up the tv, eventually coaxed the dogs into the living room, and after a while I was tired again. I left the tv on, just turned it down, laid back down on the couch and got some shut-eye. I don’t know how long I was asleep, just that when I woke up it was still pitch black outside. What woke me up was the door. My feet were hanging over the arm of the couch I was sleeping on and the door that led upstairs had come open and hit my feet. If you’ve ever lived in an old house you will know this kind of door. It’s an old door. The kind that’s been warped from too many winters and rubs the frame when you shut it. The kind you would have to put your shoulder into to close it all the way and would have to really pull to open it again. Yet there it was, wide open to a pitch black staircase, the hinges creaking as it bumped against my dangling feet. I was up and out in seconds, the dogs right behind me. Put my shoes on in the car, put the dogs in their kennel, and was off to sweet sweet civilization. I didn’t care about using all the gas to drive out and feed the dogs every day, I wasn’t spending another night in that house.

28. My pinball machine started playing on its own

When I was in the second grade I had this plug in, stand up Happy Days pinball machine. (yep.. I am feelin’ old) If you left it plugged in it would eventually start making sounds as if it was being played. One night I went to bed and it started making the sounds. I reached for the plug and could not find it. I jumped out of bed and turned on the light.

When I did… I noticed two things simultaneously… it was not plugged in AND a ball rolled between the two flippers.

I did not sleep in my bed for a week. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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