21 True Believers Share The Unexplainable And Deeply Creepy UFO Encounters That Changed Their Lives Forever

4. Firemen Ordered To Clear The Area, Immediately

I was on a wildfire just south of Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah. We were in fire rigs driving to the incident area, four trucks in close convoy, when we heard helicopters. Eight black military choppers escorted us in formation for like ten miles, we assumed they were just doing drills and using us for fake target practice or something.

A little while later we are parked and about to start hiking to the fire line when suddenly a thin column of smoke shoots probably about two hundred feet into the sky, it was a good mile away but the concussion was pretty significant when it hit us and the noise was still ridiculously loud. We thought it was probably no big deal, we knew we were near a strike zone.

A good five minutes later an aircraft like nothing I have ever seen flew by us at maybe five hundred feet. It was flat black and sort of rectangular but with fins and wells on the underside. It was moving pretty slow and was dead silent so I have to assume it was some sort of stealth glider. It sounds ridiculous but it immediately reminded me of a huge, flying bat mobile, Time Burton era.

After that some military personnel got on our radio frequency and instructed us to leave the area immediately, when our crew chief asked who it was and why they signed off and the Incident Commander (the guy in charge of managing the entire situation) came on the radios and said we were evacuating the area. They sent us to a completely different fire about a hundred miles to the south and never told us why except that it was higher priority which was bullshit, it was already out when we got there and we just assisted crews in the mop up operation.

The thing that confuses me about this is that if the army didn’t want us to see that shit or if it was dangerous why didn’t they keep us clear of the area in the first place? Either a communications breakdown or they had a now shit situation going down and had to get us out of there without warning.

5. Mom And I Both Saw It

I was traveling back home with my mom from my aunt’s house on a warm, sunny afternoon. While I was sitting in the passenger seat, an object just appeared in the sky a little to our left. We both saw it immediately. The size of it is what was shocking more than anything. It had the classic saucer shape and was shining brightly because the sun was reflecting off of it. We continue driving down the road a few seconds, just admiring this craft when all of a sudden we saw something I still don’t believe to this day. It just vanishes. Disintegrates. Disappears. Whatever you want to call it. I looked back at my mom and I could tell by her expression she had seen the same thing.

Since this sighting, I have always been interested in UFO’s and the possibility of other life in our universe. This object in the sky was definitely not a helicopter, airplane, or a flock of geese. My mom and I still talk about the sighting we had and can’t come up with a reasonable explanation as to what we saw that day. This is my UFO story and it is not a hoax or fabrication. Everyone always laughs at me when I tell this story, but that’s fine. I know what I saw.

6. A Random Creepy Dude That Was “Too Perfect”

Not my story, but my Dad’s.

As a consequence of this not being my story, I can’t insist that “I know what I saw” and all that. All I can tell you is that I believe him, and he has no reason to lie to me.

My Dad has over a dozen stories like this. He grew up in rural Illinois, near a woodsy area. UFO activity was apparently high back then – I don’t know if it was just my family or the whole area, but my Dad and my Grandpa would sit on the porch and watch lights fly around their house for fun. This was a loooong time ago, when my dad was a kid (he’s in his 60s now). They would watch the stars dart around like laser lights and laugh about it. Shit’s mind boggling to me now, I’ve only seen that kind of thing happen once or twice and it freaked me out.

Besides that, a bunch of other weird shit would happen to my dad, isolated “earthquakes” (in Illinois) that nobody else felt, bright orbs floating around in the sky and following him around, etc. It’s been awhile since he told me these stories, but one of the particularly weird ones has always stuck with me.

FYI I’m completely aware that it sounds like my Dad was just fucking with me, and trust me, I’d prefer to believe that. But I have good reasons to trust him – for starters, he’s never lied to me about anything else. He wasn’t the type of person to make shit up for show. He also had absolutely nothing to gain from making this shit up, he never tried to publish it or even write it down. He would just talk about it sometimes.


So my dad was in his teens, and weird UFO shit has been happening his whole life at this point. He’s out in his driveway for whatever reason, doing whatever people do when they live in a woodsy rural area. His parents aren’t home, they’re out shopping/at work/whatever.

Suddenly, this big, black car pulls into his driveway. Tinted windows, completely black. My Dad just kind of watches it pull in, not sure what to think.

Something to remember here – not only is this a rural area, but it’s ~50 years ago. People were a lot more trusting back then. Nowadays, you’d be crazy to leave your front door unlocked, but back then it was no big deal.

So this strange black car pulls into my Dad’s driveway. It’s making no noise at all, which my Dad noticed right away. The door opens and out steps a super tall, fair-faced white man. He has blonde hair, an extremely well-tailored black suit, and black sunglasses on. Right away, my Dad could see there was something off about him. He looks too perfect. Flawless skin, a child-like smile, and very overdressed for a hot summer day. He looks distinctly out of place.

The man walks up to my Dad and asks for his name. My Dad (around 15 at the time) asks him why he wants to know. The man smiles and explains that he just wants to ask him a few questions and he means no harm. Bemused, my Dad agrees, but he’s still wary of this strange man.

First, the tall white dude asks my Dad if he lives here. My Dad says yes, and asks why he wants to know. The man has a completely relaxed, non-confrontational tone, and seems almost giddy – like he was really excited to be having this conversation. His childish, overzealous grin hadn’t faded in the least. He asks my Dad if he had seen, felt, or heard anything that he felt was outside of the ordinary. My Dad said sometimes, and again asked why he wanted to know.

The man just kept grinning, and by now my Dad was feeling pretty comfortable. He had never seen this guy before in his life. He didn’t appear to be any kind of government agent – his behavior was far too unusual.

Suddenly, the man’s demeanor completely changes. His grin disappears and he looks worried. Without so much as a goodbye, he opens his car door, gets inside and drives away – still making no noise at all. A couple minutes later, my Dad’s parents come back from shopping.

Now for the really weird part.

My Mom saw the same fucking dude. 30 fucking years later.

She was in a bookstore looking to buy something – dunno the details really – when she turned around and noticed this tall, fair-looking blonde guy in a black suit sitting at table in the cafe, 30 feet or so from my mom. He was reading a newspaper. Sitting across from him was another dude, dressed exactly the same as the blonde one. They still looked strangely out of place, somehow too perfect, too clean. Now, my Mom had heard this story from my Dad before, and she actually recognized my Dad’s description of this man – he definitely stood out. So she’s kind of taken aback, trying to figure out if it’s actually the man my Dad had seen all those years ago.

The blonde guy notices my mom looking at him. Again, his demeanor completely changes. He stands up, turns around, and quickly walks out of the bookstore with the second guy right behind him.

What the fuck right? I’m actually freaking out a bit thinking about this. I’m 22 now and I have to wonder if I’m going to run into this awkward blonde stalker. It’s like the MIB sent their most inept agent to follow around my Dad. Or the most obvious alien ever is trying to study my family in our natural habitat. I don’t fucking know.



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