Calling All Veterans: We Want To Know About The Transition Back To Civilian Life

Ted Warren // AP Photo
Ted Warren // AP Photo

Hello, Thought Catalog! This week we’re asking those who have graciously served our country to open up about the process of returning home. Approximately 250,000 service members transition back to civilian life each year¹.

In partnership with Pivot’s groundbreaking docu-series, Secret Lives of Americans, we’d like to invite our community of veteran readers to take the reigns on a discussion focused on the things we should all know about the return home. We’re interested in everything from the questions vets love or hate being asked, to myths about PTSD and what it’s like to re-enter the economy as a civilian after service.

Secret Lives of Americans takes an unflinching look at the secrets we all keep, and the strength it takes to reveal them to friends and family. One key episode this season shares the powerful story of Alex and Amber, who eventually seek financial support from family and friends after struggling to receive adequate help from the Department of Veterans Affairs once discharged from the Coast Guard.

Please submit what you’d like to share about the transition back to civilian life (long or short!) and make sure to include “Pivot Veteran Resources” in the title.

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Inspired by Secret Lives of Americans, Pivot is offering tools and resources to further the conversation around some of the topics explored in the series, ranging from literacy to religious tolerance. Visit the series’ “Take Action” hub to learn more about the issues and get involved.