36 Questions We Have For Michael Buble About This Insane Photo Of Him Eating Corn

Within the last few days, someone has posted this insane picture of Michael Buble, and we at Thought Catalog have LOTS of questions:

1. Have you eaten before?

2. Is it just corn? Or do you eat all food this way?

3. Do you know what it is?

4. Is it because you’re Canadian?

5. Do you need an American to show you how to eat corn?

6. Do you kiss your wife with that mouth?

7. Are you trying to swallow it?

8. Were you loved as a child?

9. Is it a jazz singer thing?

10. Do you think it’s a corn dog?

11. Do you think it’s a popsicle?

12. Is everything ok?

13. Do you eat all penis shaped foods this way?

14. How do you get to the rest of the corn?

15. Do you eat bananas like ears of corn?

16. How do you eat ribs?

17. Who lied to you?

18. Are you trying to make ethereal?

19. Are you a lizard person?

20. Is this the first time you’ve been photographed with your corn?

21. Are you just trying to live your truth?

22. Is that how your mom does it too?

23. How often do you express emotions using🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽?

24. Is this some kind of instructional video?

25. Does cob size matter?

26. What do you do with baby corn?

27. Do the kernels not show up in your poop if you do it like that?

28. Are you the hit of every BBQ?

29. I’ve never been to a BBQ in Canada…Is this how they all do it?

30. Are you applying for a job in the adult corn industry?

31. I always thought “cornstar” was just a typo.

32. And my mom always thought your content was appropriate!

33. Do you prefer shucking to fucking?

34. Will someone see this pic on Grindr later?

35. Is “Haven’t Met You Yet” about corn?

36. How dare you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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