This Surprisingly Simple Advice Is All You Need To Be Happy

So often in life, our problems can seem overwhelmingly complicated. We make elaborate pro/con lists, or consider a million different factors when trying to figure out how to feel better. And yet the best solution sometimes comes down to good old-fashioned common sense. Tyler Oakley put together this fantastic pep talk to remind us all what we need to do to be happy. We picked it for our WORDS TO LIVE BY Series—a partnership with YouTube featuring Tyler’s best videos of all time. Enjoy…

How will you know if you’re starting to over-analyze your problems again? See how many of the following points you can check off…

You’ve asked every single person in your life for advice on how to deal with a given situation.

– When someone gave you a concrete answer, you followed up with even more questions (Why do they think that, though? How do they know it’s the right decision??)

– You’ve kept yourself up at night thinking about how that one thing or person in your life is stressing you out.

– You go out of your way to make excuses for yourself or someone else.

– You have an Excel spreadsheet dedicated to what’s stressing you out.

Basically, if you find yourself doing any of the above, it’s time to take a deep breath, pull up Tyler’s pep talk again and come back to earth. Or, as Tyler says, “check thyself before thy wreck thyself.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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