This Is How To Tell If You And Your BFF Are Really Meant To Be


You finish each other’s sentences. You communicate with a single, side-eyed glance. In short, no one knows you like your BFF. To publicly honor his bestie, Tyler Oakley took the “Best Friend Challenge” and shared his results with the world. Aside from warming your heart, this video will let you know which questions to ask your partner in crime to figure out how well they really know you. We love it so much we’re featuring it in our WORDS TO LIVE BY series—a partnership with YouTube bringing you Tyler’s best videos of all time.

Didn’t get all the questions right? Here are some ways to make sure you and your friends are on top of your friendship game:

1. Throw a party together. Hosting is essentially a job. And the coworker bond is a uniquely special one that you & your bestie shouldn’t be deprived of.

2. Meet each other’s families. They’ll tell you all about their childhood nicknames and embarrassing style phases and the crushes they’ve long since denied ever having.

3. Travel. Nothing makes two people get to know each other faster than having to decide where to eat when no one even knows how to order.

4. Take a class for fun. Even if it’s one of those crazy spin classes that makes you both want to collapse on the sidewalk upon leaving, you can text each other about your insanely sore bums later!

5. Make some art or music. Don’t worry if one of you has to play cowbell, or if your version of ‘painting’ is a coloring book. It’s the experience that counts.

6. Share a favorite TV show. Or YouTube channel. Or website. It’ll give you something to message each other about throughout the workday. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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