7 Awkward Things Only People With Protective Parents Understand


No matter how long you’ve been seeing someone, there is always a moment of panic when it comes time to bring them around your parents. What insane thing will your dad ask them? And which photos will your mom dig up from the ugliest years of your adolescence? Lilly Singh created this depiction of how her parents react to people she brings home and it will literally make you cry with laughter. We’re featuring it in our WORDS TO LIVE BY series—a partnership with YouTube to bring you our favorite Lilly Singh videos of all time.

After watching this video, we were reminded of all the things you come to accept as routine when you’ve got protective parents. Such as…

1. Intense interrogation scenes like the one above.

2. The expectation that you check in weekly (if not daily), and the knowledge that failing to do so will result in a frantic, worried text.

3. Also, the knowledge that should you ever dare ignore them you’ll be contacted through multiple means of communication (text, voicemail, email, social media) all in a short period of time.

4. …And if all else fails, they won’t hesitate to message your friends (who they of course have made a point to know already).

5. Constant concern about whether you’re getting enough food, and that it’s healthy.

6. Having childhood rules at their house even when you’re an adult (for instance, curfews).

7. An endearing level of defensiveness when it seems like anyone has done you wrong. (“Who is so-and-so dissing you Facebook? I’ll give them a piece of my mind.”) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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